Monday, March 03, 2008

My Mom's Challenges in life


My mother grew up in a small town in Vancouver Island, British Columbia. She moved to the city of Vancouver when she was in her early twenties. Since then she has had two children. I have a sister named Naasheka, she is four years older than me. We both grew up playing many sports. My mom has been raising Naasheka and I on her own since I have been three years old. Often my mom would drive Naasheka and I to two sports a day. Sometimes both of us would have two sports in a day, beween picking and droping my sister and I she would always have food ready to eat in the car for us. She has been working hard to keep us going in the right path in life. She also makes the best food in the world.

Could you tell me something about your life right now? My life right now is fulfilled with happiness knowing both my two children are happy and healthy and are working toward a post secondary degree. I try to enjoy everyday to the happiest and healthiest by keeping a healthy diet and exercise.

What was life for you as a girl or as a little girl? When I was a little girl I remember spending hours with my grandma who taught me many things about li which has molded me into who I am today.

What kinds of challenges do you think women face in society? The challenges I face as a woman in society are trying to make a modest living without a post secondary education.

Have you faced any challenges as a woman? The challenges I have faced as a woman are being respectful and kind to others keeping up with the daily chores keeping a healthy life style.

What challenges have you faced as a working woman? The biggest challenges I faced as a working woman is continuing to find ways and means to upgrade myself to be competitive in the working world.

What big experiences have your survived as a woman? The biggest experience I have survived as a woman was raising my two children for 18 years on my own.

What was your biggest challenge growing up in you family? The biggest challenge I had growing up with my family was doing the daily household chores in my house. When my mother started working I prepared dinner every night. I would also have to vacuum, do the laundry and mow the lawn when the season arrived.

What challenge have you faced as a mother? The biggest challenges I have faced being a mother were raising my two children to have confidence in themselves to teach them that they can do anything they set their mind to do. And to always treat others as you wish to be treated with respect and honor at all times.

Do you think woman are seen in the same light as men? And could you share some examples. I do not believe women are treated equal to the same light as men. An example is when a woman takes her car into the service shop they will over charge her for the same job they would do for men and/or tell them there are more unnecessary things which are needed to do to the car.

Could you share some differences you see in the younger generation, or could you compare the generations? Born in the late 1950’s I see many changes in the younger generation. Both parents are more likely to be working full-time which leaves less time as a family unit to communicate and teach children etiquette and respect for each other. More time is spent on computers and watching TV and video games which has changed the social skills of the younger generation.

In your opinion, what are some financial challenges that woman face? In my opinion some financial challenges woman face are jobs that women try to match the wages and to be competitive in the role of men in the work force.

Have you had a financial challenge specifically as a woman? Especially as a woman I have had financial challenges working part time jobs raising my two children on one income during their school years.

Did family members or friends (other people- jobs) treat you differently because you were a woman? No I do not believe that family members or friends (other people- jobs) have treated me differently because I am a woman.

What kinds of sacrifices have you made as a woman? I feel I did not make scarifies as a woman. I consider it was survival and the love for my children to be there for them 24-7 which some people might feel is a sacrifice.

In your country how do they view women? In my country Canada I believe the general public view women who are becoming as equal a bread winner as men.

How does your ethnic background influence your life as a woman? My ethnic back ground gives me as a respect as woman.


Now that I am older I understand the hard work she has gone through as a single mother, how people stero type and judge my mother before they even know her. She is a wonderful woman. I can imagine what it would be like to grow up with two younger brothers to look after. With out her care I would not be the same friendly person I am now. I now see how hard it is to make end meet as a single parent.


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