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I had the huge luck to be Maria Ines`s grandson; she is a very brave woman. She was born into a rich and very happy family. She has everything she wants in life. According to her, her life was pretty easy until she lost her husband to cancer. She was 43 years old and she had 2 sons to raise. After that her life became challenging and pretty tough, but she didn't give up. She raised her two sons alone. She did pretty well. Today both of them are successful in their jobs; one is a lawyer and the other one is a engineer.

1 - Conte um pouco da sua rotina hj em dia?! Can you tell me what do you do in you days?
I usually do some walking, then some exercises at the private gym in my building. In the afternoon I usually visit my youngest grandchild and go shopping in the neighborhood where he lives.

2 -Como era a sua vida quando vc era menia? quais as principais diferencas entre hj em dia?
How was your life when you were a little girl and what do you think that is different between the kids today ?

In those days, it was not dangerous and violent like today. I used to enjoy riding my bike, as I lived in a small town. Today it is totally different. Children play mostly in their computers and electronic games.

3 - Quais os valores que vc presa que essa nova geracao nao da valor? Which are your believes that the new generation doesn't have?

Family comes first. Then, the moral values, which are difficult to find nowadays.

4 - Quais sao os desafios que a mulher enfrenta hj na sociedade?! What do you think that are the challenges which a woman have to faced in the society today?
Women work as much as men do, but they usually don't get paid as well as men do. Appart from working, women have also have to find time and strengh to take care of their homes.

5 - Quais os desafios que voce passou como mulher ? What are some of the challenges you faced as a woman?

My greatest challenge was to become a widow, with two teenager sons to educate.

6 - Oque mudou de melhor e oque se tornou pior em relacao a mulher na sociedade nesses ultimos anos? What get better and what became worse for the woman in the society on the last couple of years?
In the present days, women have a lot more freedom, which was just impossible in the past. In this sense, the present days are better. On the other hand, the competition at work, makes it more difficult for women, to grow on their careers, as most women have to work today, to earn their living.
7 - Em seu pais como a "mulher trabalhadora eh vista, como eh em comparacao ao homem?! In your country how do they view the woman as a worker compared to a man.

Today, it is normal for women to work. In my time, women were only teachers, or only took care of their homes.

8 - Voce ja sofreu algum tipo de pre-conceito por ser mulher? Have you suffer any type of pre-concept for be a woman?
Fortunately, I have not.

9 - Voce acredita que mulher pode ocupar uma posicao igual a do homem ?! Do you think that the woman can handle the same spot that the man?
I am sure that women can take the same position and possibly, do a better job than men, in many occasions.

10 - Qual o principal desafio que vc enfrentou como mae? What was your most challenge as a mother?

My greatest challenge was to send my 16 years old son to spend a year in Canada on an exchange program. Today, I recognize it was a very good decision. But at that time, it was very difficult to accept it.
11 - Qual a principal problema que vc teve que enfrentar na sua famila? What was the biggest problem that you faced in your family?

My biggest problem was to be a widow at the age of 43, with two teenage sons.

12 - Olhando para tras, do que vc mais c orgulha de ter conseguido?! Looking behind, What make you most proud ?
I feel very proud for being able to see my two sons graduated, one as a lawyer, and the other as an engineer.

13 - Como as experiencias q vc passou na vida te influenciaram como mulher?! How does your life experience influence your life as a woman?
I had no experince at all in life, and had to learn everything and take important decisions, after I lost my husband.

14 - Para vc, qual a coisa mais importante q a mulher deve presar?! For you, What is the most important thing that a woman have to believe?

The person's character is the most important.

15 - No seu pais como a mulher eh vista e como isso afetou a sua vida?! In your country, how do they view a women ? and how this affect your life?
Unfortunately in Brazil, women is usually is seen as inferior to men. This has not affected me, as I have not worked away from home.

16 - Como a religiao afetou sua vida ?! How does the religion affect your life?

I have always been catholic, and married a man who was even more religious than me. Religion has always played a good part in my life.
17 - Vc acha q a religiao afeta de forma diferente o homem e a mulher? Do you think that the religion affect man and woman on a different way?

I don't think that religion can affect women, differently that it does to men. At least the catholic religion doesn't. I know others can do, but I am not so familiar with them.

18 - Cite uma mulher q vc admira e descreva pq?! What women is your mirror and why ?

Margareth Thatcher. She was able to command a first world country with strong hands.

19 - Quais sao os seus objetivos a serem alcancados para o futuro? What are some of your goals to for the rest of your life

As I am retired, today my main purposes are to travel a lot and enjoy my 5 grandchildren.

20 - Qual a sua maior paixao, oq vc mais gosta de fazer? What is your biggest passion, and what do you most like to do?

Travel as much as I can.


My grandmother is a very happy person. She always can handle what life gives to her. She is sweet but on the same time she can be tough. I am very satisfied with the interview. This is one more thing that make me so proud to be her grandson. For me, her best quality is that she knows how to enjoy the life.


At 5:06 PM, Blogger Tagrid said...

I found the story inspiring,but it's unrealistic,because, as a single mom my biggest concerns are financial issues. For her, being wealthy made raising her two sons easier.


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