Friday, September 04, 2009

A Gathering of Indigenous Womens' Voices

Listen to these women speak. After listening and reading please go to the link below and then on the right click on "EDUCATORS - IMPORTANT INFORMATION."

Women's voices are the foundation of this literacy web-blog. The voices in this video (select picture link above) are examples of the potential for all students, both male and female, as they journey with their teachers/facilitators/professors to collect the stories of women and create art and compositions related to the subjects and their cultures and publish their raised voices. In so doing, this collection of video stories and the written word will give access to knowledge across borders.

Listed on the right side of this blog you will find examples of many stories. These stories include the possibilities of technology: audio/voices, visuals/photography and video, different genres/poetry and prose. These are the skills that can be included in student work; they allow for creativity and the inclusion of the various intelligences (ways that we learn) that were noted by Howard Gartner.

The video was written and produced by Professor Denise Bacchus. It was edited and the audio was composed by Evelyn Hunter, Ph.D. Choose the picture link above to begin. It will open the video in a separate browser window.

The stories on the right, that were created as examples, were written by Professor Denise Bacchus.

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