Monday, March 03, 2008

Interview by my Mother


I interviewed my mom. She is 47 years old. She was born in Daegu, Korea in 1960 and lived her entire life there. She is a typical Korean housewife, likes to cook, talk, and watch television. She likes to play golf and keeps the house very neat. I respect my mother because she always respects the elderly and help them. Also, she knows the value of money and never spends money on unnecessary things.

Q. What does the word woman mean to you?

In Korea, until the 1990s, women were treated unfairly compare to the men. Being a woman was not that happy. Women couldn’t have jobs. All we had to do was staying at home and doing the house work. I think the word women means tender, weak, and sensitive person compare to the men.

Q. Was it hard for you to raise children?

Yes, especially when I was raising you. Unlikely your sister, you were very loud and stubborn. You always wanted to have expensive toys when your father had trouble getting his business done. You cried a lot too. When there is something you want and you can’t have it, you cried all day and refused to eat meals. I think that was the most difficult part.

Q. What was the most challenging thing as a woman in your life?

When I was married, your father had difficulty getting his business done. We didn’t have a lot of budget to live in a big house and feed you guys. So I had to work also to raise you guys, but there weren’t a lot of things to work as a woman. When I applied for all those jobs, they all disregarded me saying things like “What could women do?” With these entire dishonors, I continued to work and raised you guys. Meanwhile, your father had succeeded on his business and I didn’t have to work anymore.

Q. Every Korean men has to go to the army for 2 years, how do you feel as a mother?

I feel really miserable because I know that when they go to the army, they get trained really hard and treated differently from home. Also, they get to visit home just once in 5 month. I heard from my friends that when their son visits home, they look so differently because they've been living in a different condition. They said they couldn't stop crying when they see their son.
Once they go, every mother will worry about it, but when we see them working hard in the army we feel proud about our sons. And when they come back from the army, they actually become more responsible.


I didn’t know that she had a lot of difficulties when she was raising me and when we were young, that we were on tight budget. I feel proud and respect her because with all those disgraceful moments, she did not give up and stepped up.


At 1:37 PM, Blogger beville said...

Very insightful, humorous and touching.

At 1:50 PM, Blogger Linds said...

i found your story funny. i know alot of children like that. what was it like to be a woman and be put down by not being able to work ? how did you feel ?

At 1:59 PM, Blogger jared said...

your mom reminds me of my father he raised my brother and i all by himself. My brother never wanted anything expensive but i was the one to cry until i got my way. I respect my father so much and thank him for working hard for my brother and I to have a good life.


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