Monday, March 03, 2008

My mother had luck to accomplish her goal

Most students would choose their mother to interview, which is why I chose my compassionate mother, who I admired for all my life. My mother's name is Juanita Villegas; she is 40 years old. She was born in Acyahualco, Mexico. During the 13 years, she raised my sister, and me until she was remarried and had a third child, who is my baby brother. She wanted the best for all of us by required us with things that she wasn't able to have herself as a child. Today I’m nineteen years old and I interviewing my mother.

Daphne: *What was life like for you as a little girl?

Juanita: “Wow! Umm…where should I start? When I was a child my mother raised me along with my other two brothers and nine sisters. She didn’t have enough money to buy me toys or educational books. My mother couldn’t afford to buy us everything, but she did what she could to keep us healthy. I played in doors because the temperature outside was very hot. My mother always told us to look out for each other. She worked hard everyday to save money for our schooling. I joined my mother by helping her get dinner ready, feed the chickens, pigs and goats. I head down to a near by river with my sisters to get a bucket of water. I usually play with my sisters in the water; however, we had to make sure that we wouldn’t drink the water. We were all told that if you drank the water, then you would get the stomach flue. By the time we all finished junior high, my mother no longer had the money for us to continue our studies. So basically, I didn’t go to high school. For the rest of the days I helped my mother with her business, which was doing laundry and ironing them. I had chores to do and helped my mother on her job it was a good experience for me.”

Daphne: *What kind of sacrifices you had to face as woman?

Juanita: “In order to help my mother, I had to look for work. I needed to find a way to make enough money and no other place than to leave to the United States. Hoping that I would find a quality job to help my mother with her money problems. I had to leave with some of my aunt to give my mother a better life. I knew that one day I had to make a choice that evolved leaving my mother. Whatever job I end up working on, I promised my mother to send her money. I believe my mother deserves better; she’s given me what she could and I wanted to give something back to her. I wanted her to fix the house that my older sister wasn’t able to finish. I wanted her to get medication for her to stay healthy. I’m just glad for the decision I made because my mother today is leaving a healthy life.”

Daphne: *What was your goal moving from one country to another?

Juanita: “I was afraid to go back to where I came from. Everyday worried me because I had everything planned out for myself to help my with any needs necessary. When I arrived in California, I was 15 years old, I had three main objectives. My first goal was to get papers so I would be legal in the United States. My second goal was to finish my studies and the other is to find a job. I worked on cleaning widows for other people. One of the people who I worked for was able to get papers for me. After I had my papers done I went off to take an English class at Santa Barbara City College. I learned to speak English and it helped me to converse with people, which is also useful for me to find a better job.”

Daphne: *What kind of challenges have you faced as a workingwomen?

Juanita: “Becoming a professional school bus driver was a challenge for me. I had to do twenty hours in the classroom and do twenty hours behind the wheel (training); take 2 tests with the CHP; to get my certificate to be a school bus driver, and 5 tests with DMB; to get my commercial license. I had to study for three months. So there was a lot to be expected from me. Finally I became a bus driver; I’ve been working in the Santa Barbara School Bus Company for nine years. I’m proud of myself for have chosen this job because I’ve become a professional driver, I learned new things; I became a more responsible person towards children as well as mine. I also love my work because its one of jobs that I can add time for me to spend time at home with my children.”

Daphne: *What challenges have you faced as a mother?

Juanita: “I’m a hard working mother that tries to provide anything that my children need to get a better education. When working as a bus driver I had to do several pick-up routs, but I had no one home to take care of my son he was only two years old. Instead of hiring I baby-sitter I decided take my son with me through my whole working hours. I had to drive around with my son on the school bus while I had the responsibility to take these children to school. I also had to make room in my schedule to pick up my other two daughters at their school. Everyday was a busy day for me. On some days I get a call from the office to do another rout later on in the evening, which is okay for me because I would receive a bigger check to put food on the table. I would finish my trip so I could make it back to my other job. I would go to a business company, after office hours, where I do office cleaning and picking up trash every night of the week. I‘m just happy to have enough time to make it back home a clean the house as well as being there with my family. I’m a wife and a working mother; I make an effort to get things done at the end of the day. I just want to set a good example for my children.”

Daphne: *Do you think women from your country will go through the same challenges?

Juanita: “I believe women from my country would have a harder time finding a job here in the United States, or maybe I’m wrong. If a woman would put a lot of effort towards her goal, then she would have a person to help out with her papers and would learn how to speak English a have better luck getting a good job. However, if women don’t learn how to speak English, then it’s going to be a hard time for them because it certainly helped me to understand people and find a quality job.”

Juanita: “This was a good interview and I hope you all have learned something about me. I’m glad that my daughter picked me for the interview. Mothers would want there daughters to become better mothers when it's their turn." "Take care everyone!"

Daphne: My mother had luck along the way towards her gaol. I still see her work hard every day, but I thank her everyday for what she does for me. I mean, it wouldn't hurt to thank your mother for the things that she does for you, even for the littlest things! Because she would love it if you cared to say, "For all of your days work, I thank you for the things you've done for me. Love you lots."


At 3:08 PM, Blogger kevin said...

Discrimination is something that not a lot of people have to face, but is crucial to society today.

At 2:01 PM, Blogger V. Hernan Herrera said...

I think your mother has been successful in raising your family but rather i think it is hard work instead of luck because she has worked hard to get a job as a professional bus driver despite the reasons of being a first generation immigrant. She has worked hard to put food on the table and made sure you have a good education. Although at times she sacrificed her job with her family she always made sure that her family was ok and its good that you feel proud of her as well as herself feeling strong that other people will learn from her experiences.

At 2:06 PM, Blogger myles said...

she is an amazing person. it reminds me of the show extreme makeover home edition. the mother lost her sister and promised to take care or her children too. she had to take care of over 10 children while working and doing everything else. Every mother has to give up so much of their life to just survive in this world.


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